Peak time:SDLD is in full bloom FBC2019 China International Door, Window and Curtain Wall Expo

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  From November 5 to 8, 2019, Jiangsu saidile Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. will bring 12 new products to the fbc2019 China International door, window and curtain wall Expo.

  The trend is perishable, only the style will last forever. Good products lie in sticking to the original intention and keeping the consistent insistence on the details. In simple colors and lines, saidile products interpret the brand's consistent simple and rigorous design style, with simple lines, rich texture and comfortable experience. As soon as its new product appeared, it was deeply concerned by customers and industry experts at home and abroad, and there were a lot of people on the w2.307 booth.

Leading experts gather at cedilar and become popular only because of its outstanding quality

  On the first day, Wang Hongtao, Secretary General of the national curtain wall, doors and windows Standardization Committee, Cong Jingmei, director of plastic doors and windows Committee of China Building Metal Structure Association, Dong Hong, director of aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls Committee of China Building Metal Structure Association, Wang Jun, executive chairman and Secretary General of shading branch of China Building Decoration Association, and other leading experts from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui The delegation from Sichuan and other associations visited the exhibition booth of cedilar to have in-depth communication with the staff of cedilar.

  The exhibition hall of cedilar is full of people and the popularity is high. The booth construction style fitting the use scene perfectly demonstrates the wide applicability of the built-in blind insulating glass and inlaid glass products, and sets off the process and precision of cedilar products.

  Visitors and consulting guests come in an endless stream. The super high-performance built-in shutter insulating glass products are popular with real estate enterprises and door and window enterprises. The new inlaid glass products attract many designers and friends to stop and enjoy. While seidile gains praise, it also signs many orders at home and abroad.

Led by cediler to promote the development of sunshade industry

  As a leading enterprise in China's sunshade industry, saidile has won the trust of real estate development enterprises, doors, windows and curtain wall enterprises with professional quality and nanny style professional services, and has reached strategic cooperation with many real estate enterprises. Saidile adheres to the spirit of craftsman. Over the years, as always, it has been committed to the R & D and production of sunshade products. It encourages itself by setting standards and higher than standards, polishes every product with the spirit of craftsman, and promotes the continuous development of the industry towards standardization and industrialization. Saidile's mission is to revitalize and prosper the current situation of China's sunshade industry, and to promote China's sunshade products to the world.