SDLD was awarded the first prize of "Science and Technology Award of Building Materials and Home Furnishing Industry" in China in 2021

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  2021 is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. 2021 is a crucial year for China's building materials and home furnishing industry to rise and set sail. 2021 is a year of high yield and "quality yield" for CCID. In 2021 China Building Materials and Home furnishing leaders Summit Jiangsu Saidile Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. with leading technology "photoelectric control built-in louver hollow glass" product results and outstanding contributions to the industry, won the "2021 China Building Materials and home furnishing industry science and Technology Award" first prize!

• Authoritative awards 


The selection of the building materials and home furnishing industry science and technology awards lasted several months, after the form of review, preliminary review, experts and other layers of screening, strict evaluation, with objectivity, professional and extensive industry influence. Finally, 76 projects passed the final examination, and the "Photoelectric control built-in louver hollow glass" product produced by CIDile won the first prize of science and Technology Award (Scientific and technological progress category), which also gave cIDile brand photoelectric control built-in louver hollow glass products a high recognition, and set an example for the scientific and technological innovation and development of the industry.

Photoelectric control built-in louver insulating glass is a new type of energy saving glass product which combines photovoltaic technology, louver curtain and insulating glass. The solar energy is converted into electrical energy through solar photovoltaic technology, to the lithium battery installed in glass room continuously power supply, control and adjust the Angle of the built-in shutter to provide power, so as to control the light and radiant heat into the room, to meet the purpose of heat insulation and indoor lighting needs. Compared with traditional sunshade products, "Saidile" brand photoelectric control built-in louver insulating glass has more advantages such as heat preservation and insulation, sunshade and lighting, sound insulation and environmental protection, safety and reliability, dustproof and private; From the construction point of view, "Saidile" brand photoelectric control built-in louver glass does not need to arrange lines, and the installation method is consistent with ordinary insulating glass, simple and convenient; From the point of view of control, "sadie music" brand photoelectric control built-in shutter hollow glass can realize control, manual control, single bo bo single control, glass control, timing control, voice intelligent control, the remote control of the mobile phone APP, and many other human science and technology control mode, is the modern science and technology, upscale community, high-end office buildings and other construction is not the first to go.

  As one of advanced enterprise in the industry of domestic architectural sunshade, ccid group always adhere to the innovation of science and technology lead, focus on internal blinds hollow glass technology research and development, the group has four wholly-owned subsidiaries, five branch, covers an area of one hundred mu, and set up three production bases in the country, annual production capacity of 2 million square meters. Sadie le technology group also has advanced technology in the field of national architectural shading, inspection of large laboratory detection means complete, built-in blinds hollow glass all kinds of more than 260 inventions, utility model and appearance patents, almost covers the built-in shutter hollow glass industry chain, patent quality and advanced technology at home and abroad, a commanding lead in related industry; The company also led and participated in the preparation of more than 20 national standards and industrial standards for doors and Windows, curtain walls and building shading industries. Is a high-performance building Windows and doors industrial technology research institute of jiangsu province "high-performance built-in shutter shade hollow glass technology innovation center", yangzhou "built-in shutter energy-saving insulating glass engineering technology research center", Chinese "built-in sunshade hollow glass technology industrialization base" and "jiangsu province construction machinery metal structure industry" modern industry demonstration base "! At the same time, CEdile Technology Group has won provincial and ministerial level "Specialized special New Little Giant", "Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Award" of The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China and "National Construction Industry Scientific and Technological Achievements Promotion Project" and other authoritative awards.

  As a built-in blinds hollow glass industry leading enterprises, sadie always to lead the industry development as own duty, will be "innovation" as the core values of products and technology research and development, accurately grasp the customer demand, self innovation, the production technology constantly upgraded, establish is far higher than the national standard of internal control standards, ensure that the product high standard, high quality output, The products are not only recognized by customers, but also have obtained the authoritative certification of China Urban and Rural Construction products, China Green Building Materials, China CABR energy-saving products, etc. It is a long-term strategic partner of China Vanke, China Merchants, Sunac, Greentown, China Shipping and other leading developers. Successively in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan and other provinces and cities have completed a number of nearly a thousand shutter glass projects.

  Years of accumulation brings the explosive growth that Saidi le now presents. Sadie music will always insist on quality as the standard, with the science and technology as this, take the technology as the base, continue to implement the "technological innovation driven" model, carries forward the spirit of innovation, improve the scientific management mechanism, increasing research funding, improve the ability of production, collaborative innovation, practical, forge ahead, the resultant force to promote building shading the technology innovation of the industry, To provide customers with better architectural shading solutions, to achieve The development of CCID from pioneering technology to pioneering technology, and then to lead the development of technology, for the new era of Chinese manufacturing to add a vivid note, to achieve sustainable development.