Ccid strength won the 2021 Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Award

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  2021 annual "China construction science and technology awards" review work for more than six months finally ended, through professional and review committee two level review, jiangsu sadie le energy saving technology co., LTD. As one of the main unit, with "window shading based on the integration of high performance building outside of complete sets of technology and application" project strength gains "huaxia construction science and technology awards".

  The selection has a wide range of social credibility and influence in the field of China's construction. Since the selection, the heat is high, after layers of selection, fierce competition, With strong technology, brand, scale, talent and other advantages, Won the 2021 "Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Award". Through years of accumulation and development, CIDile Technology Group has developed into a national high-tech enterprise with 4 subsidiaries, 5 branches, 3 manufacturing bases, covering an area of more than 100 mu and fixed assets of more than 300 million yuan. As the industry's largest enterprise, do a good role model, actively pay taxes, engaged in social public welfare, for employees to build a complete platform for development, to do the environment decompression, the results of the selection is deserved!

  With the deepening of building energy conservation work, the proposal of dual-carbon targets and the implementation of tasks decomposition, the residential construction industry has higher and higher requirements for building energy conservation and renewable energy building applications, China is entering the era of ultra-low energy consumption, near zero energy consumption, zero energy consumption and zero carbon building. "Difference" beginning, countries and cities issued a number of laws, regulations and policies and standards, especially the building palisade structure combining the integration of the doors and Windows with shading and (in the existing circumstances, due to the ascent of heat preservation and heat insulation performance of outside building doors and Windows can reduce building energy consumption is more than 30%), and people on indoor environment and requirements of sound, light and heat to further improve, Today's energy-saving doors and Windows are generally divided into: K value of energy-saving doors and Windows ≤2.4W/ (㎡·K), low energy doors and Windows K value ≤2.0W/ (㎡·K), ultra-low energy doors and Windows K value ≤1.6W/ (㎡·K), near zero energy saving doors and Windows K value ≤1.2W/ (㎡·K), zero energy saving doors and Windows K value ≤0.8W/ (㎡·K), shading coefficient Sc≤0.26, Visible light transmission ratio ≥0.6, three indicators simultaneously meet the energy saving requirements.

Cidile built-in sunshade louver insulating glass integrated window


  In order to make full use of solar energy, the standard proposes to reduce solar heat gain as much as possible in summer while putting forward insulation and full use of solar heat gain in winter. This contradictory index requires that it is impossible to rely on a single glass product with good thermal insulation performance or good sunshade performance, while the high-performance building exterior window with built-in louver sunshade integration can easily and perfectly solve all the aforementioned problems. And make up for the traditional external blinds widespread aging, wind pressure resistance is poor, outside the window integration degree is not high, effect the beauty of the building, and many other disadvantages, and in 2018, sadie le manual, electric built-in shutter and hollow glass products by the Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development as the national scientific and technological achievements to promote projects "construction industry".

  This award is a high recognition of The built-in sunshade louver insulating glass products of CCID, and also a spur to the sustainable development of CCID. As China's built-in blinds hollow glass industry leading enterprises, sadie le technology group uphold the "responsible for the customer, responsible for employees, socially responsible, responsible for the investors" management philosophy, adhere to the "technology innovation, quality excellence, timely and effective service" the management policy, always adhere to the good faith management, product excellence, timely and effective service, The built-in louver insulating glass products of CIDile are made into assured products in the hearts of customers. Therefore, the company has won the authoritative award of Chinese door and window curtain wall industry - Golden Xuan Award for two consecutive years, with a total of ten awards, and is the only enterprise in the industry that has won this award of built-in sunshade louver hollow glass manufacturing enterprise.


  Product quality and enterprise integrity are the most important intangible assets of CCID, as well as the way of life and the foundation of business. To further practice the socialist core values, build good social fashion of honest and trustworthy, sadie le technology group in "learn trust, faith, tubes, with the letter" as the basic criterion, ready to take the lead role, scale and efficiency and high quality development, build a built-in blinds hollow glass industry good business atmosphere. Product quality and integrity, Saidi Le, let sunshine full of love!