Manual and electric built-in sunshade louver insulating glass

Specification: 17A/19A/21A series; Single chamber type, three glass and two chamber type


Larger size range

Excellent thermal insulation performance, adjustable thermal insulation and lighting performance

Suitable for different climatic regions and use environments in China

Larger areaLonger service lifeHigher performanceMore functional solutions
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Product introduction

Building is one of the three major energy consumption fields in modern society, which is parallel to industry and transportation. It accounts for 33% of China's total energy consumption and 38% of total carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, energy conservation and emission reduction in the building field is of great significance for China to achieve the "30 ? 60" dual carbon target.

With the continuous promotion of building energy conservation in China, China has entered the era of ultra-low energy consumption, near zero energy consumption and zero carbon building. The requirements for thermal insulation and sunshade performance of doors and windows in winter and summer have been greatly improved. The technical standards for near zero energy consumption buildings put forward that the heat transfer coefficient K of energy-saving doors and windows should not be greater than 1.0W/(m2 ? K) in severe cold regions, ≤ 1.2W/(m2 ? K) in cold regions, ≤ 2.0W/(m2 ? K) in hot summer and cold winter regions and moderate regions, ≤ 2.5W/(m2 ? K) in hot summer and warm winter regions; The SHGC value of solar heat gain coefficient puts forward different requirements for winter (≥ 0.55) and summer (≤ 0.3).

In order to make full use of the solar energy, the door and window standard proposes that the thermal insulation in winter should make full use of the solar heat gain for heating, while in summer, the solar heat gain should be reduced as much as possible. The movable sunshade is used to shield and block the visible light and infrared ray to the maximum extent outside the building envelope. It can greatly reduce the secondary solar radiation and the utilization rate of air conditioners; In this way, the owners can effectively control the indoor sound, light and thermal comfort environment, which is mainly reflected in the substantial saving of electric energy consumption, reducing the continuous emission of high temperature gas from the external units of air conditioners to the city in summer, so as to eliminate the "stove city" effect caused by the emission of high temperature gas and the heat conduction generated by solar radiation.

The contradictory indicator requirements of heating and thermal insulation in winter and sunshade and thermal insulation in summer are almost impossible to be achieved by the same product only by a single LOW-E glass with good thermal insulation performance or an external sunshade product with good sunshade performance. The appearance of the built-in louver insulating glass solves this problem perfectly and is suitable for use in the global multi climate regions. It is the most beautiful and practical integrated sunshade energy-saving door and window first choice so far.

SDLD manual and photovoltaic electric control built-in sunshade louver insulating glass not only makes up for the shortcomings of traditional LOW-E glass and traditional external sunshade, such as insufficient sunshade adjustability, easy aging, poor fire resistance, poor wind pressure resistance, poor coordination with the integrated structure of external doors and windows of buildings, limited size, and impact on the beauty of buildings, but also meets the requirements of different application scenarios in China's multi climatic regions, and greatly improves the quality of buildings. Once launched, it was quickly recognized by experts and the market, and gradually occupied a leading position in the field of energy-saving sunshade doors and windows at home and abroad. This product is in line with the development direction of "sun shading integrated energy-saving doors and windows, transparent glass curtain walls" advocated by the state. In 2018, it was rated as the national "scientific and technological achievements promotion project in the construction industry", "Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Award", "the first prize of scientific and technological progress" and other honorary titles in the Chinese building materials and home furnishing industry by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development of China.

Design and market application of energy-saving windows and transparent glass curtain wall structure of integrated building with movable sun shading blinds and LOW-E insulating glass with good thermal insulation performance. It is urgent and imperative!

Why is the insulating glass with built-in sun shading louver the superior product for building sun shading?

  • Larger area

    The innovative control system of SDLD
    Larger size range:3.5~5m2 (Special configuration for single curtain)
    Height dimension range: 100~3000mm

  • Longer service life

    The pull rope with double weaving process of imported materials, and the ladder rope of CCIDLE built-in louver insulating glass manual control series of lifting and turning, up to 120000 times. Parallel process: multiple pulling ropes share the total weight of blades

  • Larger area

    Product performance index:
    Energy saving coefficient: K value ≤ 1.9W (m2·K)
    Sun shading performance: sc≤0.18 (visible light occlusion rate≥83%)
    Frost resistance: no frost and condensation when the temperature is as low as-60°C

  • Longer service life

    SDLD hand control series products have comprehensive functional features, which can meet the requirements of unilateral operation, bilateral operation, horizontal operation (top, bottom) and other operations, and can match a variety of window types.